Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Wanted to remind everyone to keep in touch with the Aunties, Uncles and Cousins this Christmas. It will only take a few minutes and you will be loved forever! Christmas Day at our house was secondary to going to the Battistone's house for Christmas Eve. Some of my favorite Pinizzotto Christmas memories:

10. The noble fir tree the Battistones had every Christmas (sometimes it was even flocked white)

9. Popping out the eyeballs of the calamari under the water in the sink so it didn't spurt everywhere and removing the clear bone from the body to get ready for deep frying.

8. Watching Aunt Jeanette unbox the baccala(salted cod) days before Christmas Eve to soak the heck out of it.

7. Making biscotti (the rolled and twice baked) with a ton of cousins and aunties at the Battistones weeks before Christmas.

6. Watching on Christmas Eve as the Uncles and Aunties get tipsy and start reminiscing about Papa and Mama, getting teary and making a toast to them and the family they started.

5. Being able to run from the Battistone's to the Grillo's on Christmas Eve and see who was visiting what everyone was having to eat.

4. The huge amount of presents under the tree ready for the cousins gift exchange. Remember names were picked at the Sisettes meeting to determine who we got to buy for.

3. Watching as more and more cars arrived but ultimately watching for Santa to arrive. Most years we didn't recognize who Santa was so he must have been the real guy.

2. Walking into the Battistone house on Christmas eve and it smelling like one big fry pot along with some cigarette smoke. It took weeks to get that perfume/odor out of our clothes.

1. Finally, being able to eat the fried SPINGY balls, calamari, shrimp, the baccala, candy and all the other fabulous food people brought on Christmas Eve.

Please add your own memories under the "comments" section.

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