Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Ahead. Make A Comment.

No need to log in to make a comment.
At the bottom of each Post is a "comment" line that is in blue.
Click on it and go to the "Post A Comment" box.
Make your comment. It doesn't even have to pertain to the Post.
Below the comment box is a "Comment As" drop down box.
Choose "Anonymous"
Click on "Preview" and do a double check of what you wrote.
Click on "Post Comment".
It's that easy!

The best comment so far is August 25, 2009 where Aunt Pinky is in the hot tub in a towel. Go ahead and look at what the comment says!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The ROSE Award

Aunt Rose could be saying "Tina, I think you've got it right!" The picture of her was taken on July 4, 1995. Tina submitted the list down below with the help of Mario.

Rose-June 15,1914
Katina-June 9,1916
George-August 10,1917
Angelo-February 22,1919
Marguerite-April 6,1921
Mary Louise-February 21,1923
Pinky-October 15,1924
Dolly-October 2,1927
Jeanette-June 28,1929
Honey-June 30,1931
David-January 3,1933
Robert-April 23,1940

If you think a date is incorrect, let us know.