Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Marguerite & Dolly

Don't know when this was taken, but thought it was pretty cute.

New Year's Eve 1948

Here's what is on the back of the photo:
Margaret St, Downey, 1948
Dolly - 20 yrs.
Jim or Angelo (Marzo?)
Mack - Striped Shirt -(So much like Douglas)
Edith & Edith's Mother
Bert (Schoonderwoerd?)
Man that barbequed pig for party

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Pics

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June 2009

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1st Posting

OK I was asked to get a blog going for the family. Here is my first posting.

I'll need to figure out how to get everyone "on board". and posting!

What fun it was for me to see my long lost (to me anyway!) cousins. I saw Julie P. at Avila beach after I left the L.A. area. I mentioned to her how I thought some of us would have been good friends had I grown up down there with you all.

she wisely mentioned that it was not too late. We were after all only in our 40's (my case late 50's) but there was no reason we can't be friends now. GOOD POINT.

OK, now I need to figure out:
1) how to get you all to find & read this
2) how to post pictures
3) how to make this available for only our family
4) how to do this without giving out my google password

Wish me luck!

Susan Lee (Pinky's daughter)