Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The ROSE Award

Aunt Rose could be saying "Tina, I think you've got it right!" The picture of her was taken on July 4, 1995. Tina submitted the list down below with the help of Mario.

Rose-June 15,1914
Katina-June 9,1916
George-August 10,1917
Angelo-February 22,1919
Marguerite-April 6,1921
Mary Louise-February 21,1923
Pinky-October 15,1924
Dolly-October 2,1927
Jeanette-June 28,1929
Honey-June 30,1931
David-January 3,1933
Robert-April 23,1940

If you think a date is incorrect, let us know.


  1. Good job! So what did you say the prize was Anna?

  2. The winner would get their name mentioned and I might do a profile on different family members and I just might start with Tina.